Pine Hill Schools


PO Box 220, Pine Hill, NM 87357 505-775-3242

Founded by the Ramah Navajo School Board, Inc. in 1970

Yáʼátʼééh. Welcome to our school!

The Parent/Guardian & Student Survey was developed to capture information on personal preference/choice for Fall 2021 classroom format, including additional queries on the quality of education at this point. All input will guide imperative educational decisions moving forward.

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Enroll your children in a school that embraces cultural identity as a means to deliver the very best in education.

Our administration and faculty strive in providing the best in quality education by going the extra mile in their respected areas of service. The following is a list of each of academic, supplemental and residential programs that we offer for the students.

We are dedicated to the safety and security of your child or children. As well, we are motivated to provide school readiness for each and every child to be prepared for not just the academic of K-12 program but for their emotional and social development throughout their lives.

Here are some of the great programs we offer here at Pine Hill Schools.

• Common Core Standards

• Dorm Program

• Sports: Volleyball, Basketball,Track & Field, Cross-Country

• Electives

• Career Prep

• Credit Recovery

• Traditional & Western Counseling Program

• Challenging Reading, Science, and Math Programs

• Daily Navajo Culture and Language Program for all Grade Levels Including Early Childhood

• Early Childhood Programs – Early Intervention – FACE – Head Start

• A Strong and Active Parent Involvement Program