We welcome all parents and community members to our school


Pine Hill School natures a holistic education leading to success in a diverse society.


To nurture and develop students who will meet the challenges of today's ever changing society through perpetuating their culture and language.

Warrior Pledge

I believe in myself and my ability to do my best at all times. I believe I should treat others as I want them to treat me. I believe in the strength of my heritage that is the foundation upon which I stand. And so, I dedicate myself to study hard and take pride in myself and my school.

Dahnaat'a'í Bee Hodílzin

Kéyah asdladiingo bił háhoodzooígíí
Bidahnaat'a'í shił nilį́įgo biniinaa bích'į́ádíshní
Háálá ájooba' dóó sih hasin yee hadít'é.
Kéyah t'áá si'ą́ą́ n'téé' áłą́ą́' Dine'é yee ahéédahodílzin
Binahjį́ k'é, ajooba' bidziilii bee da'ahííníítą'.

Why Enroll at Pine Hill

We listen, we advise, we lead through example
Your child's education is at the forefront of our delivery each day of the school year. Even beyond the classroom, we believe our examples as individuals must continue into the community.
We insure your child
At Pine Hill Schools we are dedicated to protecting the welfare of our students from the academic and residential standpoint.
We do what it takes to educate in harmony
With our school's rich history serving as ample motivation to do what's best, we are unprecedented in our drive to educate in balance, aligning the state education standards with the cultural teachings already in place among our students.


  • "Pine Hill Schools is committed to developing the culture of excellence in academics and cultural values of our students." 

    Dr. Teresita Inferido, Pine Hill School Science Teacher

Character Counts at PHS